Two Days After the Women’s March, Trump Signs Executive Order to Defund Reproductive Care Groups


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Donald Trump sent a big middle finger to the 1 million women who marched worldwide on Saturday by signing an executive order to reinstate the “global gag rule”, a policy that is just as bad as it sounds. This order also comes one day after the 44th anniversary of Roe V. Wade, a Supreme Court decision Trump is committed to overturning.

The global gag rule states that any foreign organization that provides abortion cannot receive funds from the US, even though it is illegal for governmental funds to be used for abortion. This means that family planning NGOs in developing countries will lose funds for contraceptives, HIV services, and even malaria treatment. In fact from 2001 to 2009 20 countries in Africa, Asia and the Middle East lost US donated contraceptives and many organizations were shut down entirely. Ironically enough, this plan did not reduce the amount of abortions, but instead increased the number of unsafe abortions practiced worldwide. You can read statistics about the implementation of the global gag rule at these links:

Global gag rule in Nepal:

Global gag rule in Kenya:

Global gag rule in Zambia:


We cannot, as citizens of one of the most privileged civilizations in the world stand, by idly while this “man” can do whatever he pleases with a subject he knows nothing about. Why older politicians are so obsessed with women’s rights and reproductive issues I do not know, but what I do know is that we must fight and not let this become an oversight. If we do fail to stand up now it is only a matter of time before abortion becomes defunded and possibly made criminalized in our own country. We need to continue the momentum from the Women’s March and channel it into positive decision making, positive action. The lives of our mothers, sisters, cousins and daughters depend on it.



6 thoughts on “Two Days After the Women’s March, Trump Signs Executive Order to Defund Reproductive Care Groups

  1. The timing is surely a coincidence. Not.

    It must have been a glorious release of his narcissistic rage. That’ll show’em, alright.

    So now it becomes clearer why he was not tweeting furiously on Saturday. He issued only two tweets: one mildly biting, and another obviously written by someone else, praising the freedom of the protesters to disagree or something along those lines.

    My guess is his handlers impressed upon him, with much effort, to sit on his ire and release it in a more meaningful way, by signing this law today.

    But that is, of course, just my speculation.


    • I believe he tweeted that the women who protested should have voted in the election, like we were too stupid to vote and now we are mad that Hilary lost. I find it disturbing that he goes after anyone who challenges his ego: first these women marchers by signing this gag rule, then the Dakota protesters by signing an order to continue the pipeline construction, and freezing the EPA because they can prove time and time again that our climate is changing. Eventually it must weigh on him, or I hope it will (nobody can be that delusional without a psychiatric disorder), that a majority of people disagree with him. But until that happens I fear that he will continue to revolt against his naysayers and drag our country down along the way.

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      • This will not weigh on him, Present. He is that delusional. So profoundly disordered he’s not fit to run a lemonade stand, much less a country.

        We are in for very troubled times.


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